Beef Cooking Methods

From National Cattlemen’s Beef Association |

  • Grilling:  Grilling, a form of dry heat cooking, is one of the most exciting and healthy ways to enjoy beef, whether you are cooking on a gas or charcoal grill.
  • Pan-Broiling:  Sometimes called “frying without fat,” pan-broiling (or skillet cooking) is especially handy for quick meals.  It is a fast cooking method for tender cuts of beef.
  • Pan-Frying:  Pan-frying or sauteing is similar to pan-broiling except a small amount of oil is added to the pan when cooking.
  • Stir-Frying:  Use a skillet or wok to quickly cook thin strips of beef in a little bit of oil; add some sauce, vegetables and other ingredients – and you have a hot one-dish meal on the table in minutes.
  • Broiling:  Cooking beef directly under the heat element in your oven, broiling is a fabulous method for getting dinner on the table in a short period of time, without adding fat.
  • Braising:  The final result of this slow cooking method is tender beef that melts in your mouth.  Braising (or pot roasting) is the method of choice for large, less tender, cuts of beef such as a pot roast or Brisket using a small amount of liquid.
  • Stewing:  Stewing, a slow cooking method, tends to use cubes of beef mixed with vegetables and other ingredients with a larger quantity of liquid.
  • Roasting:  Larger or thicker cuts of beef benefit most from roasting in the oven.  Although it requires more time, roasting is the simplest method because it requires little attention.